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8th Wonder of The World - PC Games mediafire link

8th Wonder of The World - PC Games free download gratis

Ini dia game RTS/real time strategy klasi yang dirilis tahun 2004 lalu. karakter dalam game ini imut-imut dan lucu. pokoknya asik buat menghilangkan stress setelah seharian beraktivitas. kalau ingin game RTS lainnya bisa sobat coba game Anno, dan temukan lainnya di dalam Blog ini. selamat bermain
Deskripsi singkat :
8th Wonder of the World plays in the Cultures Universe, just a couple of years after the happenings in Northland. Our hero viking Bjarni and his brave comrades are returning to their respective homes after succeeding their last adventures and are living happily and peacefully together with their families. But if didn't take long until evil strikes again and tries to take over the world. 

No one listens to the warning of Bjarni and his friends, but very soon, among the different cultures war, hatred and evil are spreading. A new adventure unfolds before the eyes of Bjarni...

Gameplay remains largely the same: The player constructs buildings which form production cycles to create products from gathered resources. These products are needed to satisfy the population's need. Additionally the player also needs to care for duties like training his men for different professions. Unlike most similar games the goals of the eight missions are not to defeat other races but to solve tasks like organizing a mayor meeting or to save resources so the player can win the friendship of another tribe by paying a tribute - every mission consists of several tasks like this.

This entry in the series introduces an AI assistant which can be used to automate micro-management tasks and a new tribe, the Egyptians.

Mediafire Link

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January 13, 2013 at 8:24 AM

Cannot download part 3, it says: This file is currently set to private. Kindly need your solution.

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