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Early symptoms of HIV AIDS

below are HIV general nature signs that we can recognize easily:

  • Weight dropped dramatically more than 10% in a month, or a thin suddenly without any apparent cause.
  • suffering from fever Prolonged by more than one month.
  • Decreased of awareness and neurological disorders.
  • Dementia / HIV encephalopathy.
  • Suffering from chronic diarrhea that lasts more than a month, this causes body weak and dehydrated.

In addition there is also a common symptom of early symptoms of HIV AIDS that are special you can identify on the person who affected by HIV-AIDS disease, below are the early symptoms of HIV disease AIDS which is specifically that:

  • Strong and cough continuously for more than one month.
  • Zostermultisegmental herpes zoster and recurrent herpes.
  • Also arise progressive chronic herpes simplex.
  • There are fungal infections repeatedly on a woman's genitals.
  • Generalized dermatitis.
  • Kandidias oropharyngeal.
  • Generalized lymphadenopathy.
  • Cytomegalovirus retinitis.

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