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Army Men II - PC old games megaupload

Army Men II - PC old games free download gratis 

Genre: Action 
Publisher: 3DO
Developer: 3DO
Release Date: March 22, 1999
Also on: GBC
E for Everyone: Animated Violence

In Army Men II, you command Sarge, a hard-nosed soldier who can not only handle every weapon known to man but also drive any manner of military vehicle (including PT Boats). You view the action from a top-down perspective and guide Sarge using the keyboard and/or the mouse. You can also order specific units or groups of units to attack, defend, hold position, or rally around you. Improved features to Army Men II include new weapons, including the super-cool magnifying glass, an M80, and an aerosol can that can be used with lighters to do lots of wonderful damage. Sarge also gets to tote around a sniper rifle, which is perhaps the best weapon in the game.

features :
Overhead perspective; two campaigns; more than 40 missions; complete arsenal of weapons

Minimum Requirements
  • P90 MHz
  • 16 MB RAM
  • 120MB Hard drive space
  • 4X CD-ROM
  • Windows 95/98
  • Mouse

Recommended Requirements
  • Pentium 133 MHz
  • 32 MB RAM
  • 2 MB DirectX-compatible SVGA video card

Multiplayer Functions
  • 1 Minimum Players
  • 4 Maximum Players

Support functions
  • Memory Card

Password : http://snesorama.us

Sumber : IGN, snesorama

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